1.  Due to insurance restrictions, we cannot fly anyone who is pregnant.

2.  Our allowable total passenger weight is up to 500 pounds for summer flights (May-Sept) or up to 600 pounds for winter flights (Oct-April), per balloon.  We are able to fly two balloons at one time, so if you have a larger party, please give us a call to book both balloons.

3.  Are you fit for flight?  We want to make sure you are a good candidate to fly with us. One question we ask our prospective passengers is if they were to jump off a kitchen chair, would they experience pain somewhere in their body (knee, back, neck, or other problems)?  The reason we ask this is because sometimes we have soft and gentle landings and other times we have faster, sporty landings. If you do not have pain in your body when jumping off your kitchen chair, then most likely you will not have a problem with a sporty landing, which can have about the same amount of jarring.  If you have concerns about a sporty landing, we encourage you to call us to discuss your concerns before booking your flight.

4.  You will need to dress appropriately for your flight. 

We recommend you wear long pants and closed toe shoes. No flip-flops or sandals. Because it often gets warmer during the flight, we also recommend dressing in layers.

5.  Our flights occur shortly after sunrise.  While booking your flight, please consider that sunrise times vary throughout the year. We will plan to meet you about 15 minutes prior to the sunrise time. We will contact you the day before your reserved flight to confirm your flight plans with meeting time and location. The launch site will be dependent on the direction of the winds. Most likely we will be meeting at the Mammoth Site or the Hot Springs Airport, but we will confirm the meeting location the day before your flight.  If the forecast weather does not look good for the morning of your flight, we will discuss the possibility of rescheduling your flight to another day.